RAW Solutions

No matter the size of the project, our building system can be used for any purpose.

Custom Family Homes

With our standard range of modules and components, we can create any kind of building, including high-end homes. Various designs can be created according to each client’s tastes without having to compromise on budgetary and site constraints.

Compact Eco Homes

By using our various modules and components, we can create functional, compact homes. Luxurious designs are achieved without having a dedicated team of architects, interior designers, and engineers.

Commercial Designs

Description below heading: From offices to shops and restaurants, our compact modules can be used to create any effective space. We compress as many services, appliances, and pieces of equipment as possible into the module to ensure maximum functionality is achieved.


Our apartment buildings focus on the “Four S’s”: Students, Singles, Seniors, and Starters. These apartments can range from compact, bachelor-pad units, to apartments with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces. The 100% dry-build option ensures that the buildings are more eco-friendly and are erected rapidly.

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