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Who We Are

RAW Module simplifies the way we design and build by offering a library of patented, off-the-shelf modules and components for rapid construction at affordable prices. Our Compact Modular range of load-bearing modules integrates all cabinetry, appliances and services (electrical, plumbing, gas, etc.) but still allows you to add your own personal touch of style with a choice of finishes, tops and fittings.

We offer total design flexibility based on size, layout, orientation and aesthetics.

Our compact modules and building components are pre-manufactured, readily available, easily transported and available for worldwide shipping.

Our vision is to be the provider of choice in the development and construction of high-end modular living spaces. We strive to deliver smart and economical building solutions of high quality and precision. We undertake to establish lasting relationships with our customers by providing services driven by innovation and resourcefulness.

Modules and Components
Our library of Compact Modules and building components are pre-engineered and manufactured to allow total flexibility when designing and building.
Our library of off-the-shelf, load-bearing modules can be customized according to each client’s personal taste and budgetary allowance. The module structures are pre-manufactured, readily available, easily transported, and available for worldwide shipping.
Building Components
All the structural elements of the building system, such as beams, connector brackets, and bracing, are standardized but can be combined into numerous configurations to create infinite designs possibilities.

Building System & Methodology

We use our structural steel components to create floors and roofs in our structures. These components are extracted from our library to find the best solution for the site. Once the foundations are complete, we begin constructing the building floor by floor.

Floor & Roof Installation

The ground floor beams are connected to the foundation. These floors can be assembled in the factory, or on site. The floors include all the insulation, thermal and acoustic breaks, and damp-proofing. Each floor is placed below the Compact Modules. Once the desired number of storeys is reached, we add the roof onto the building using the same methodology

Module Placement

Modules from the library are connected to the beams on each floor. The modules can be placed along the floor structure in increments of 200mm so that rooms can be made larger or smaller.

Wall Installation

We use Light Gauge Steel for the internal and external walls. These can be built as pre-assembled panels, or assembled on site.

External Cladding

Because our modules are load-bearing, the facades simply “clip on” to the building. Any finish can be achieved.

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